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Why Administration? March 22, 2018

Author: Akeem Spencer

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Automation is essential to health care in the 21st century. Physicians and nurses choose these professions primarily because they wish to care for suffering humanity and provide a cure for diseases. Currently, these professionals are burdened by the administrative requirements of paperwork completion, which keeps them away from their patients. Stakeholders, physicians, and nurses are desperately looking for solutions. Could automation be the answer? <br/> Let's do a google search with the keywords "AI", "Machine Learning", and "Physician Ward" and let's collect the top results crammed at the top of the search engine. ![search bar on google][1] ![Articles Of Results][2] <br/> I've read the top five articles on the results feed and the central theme across all of these articles are the following: Many deep-learning training sets follow a causation problem. This causation problem is symmetrical to the self-titled "black-box" problem with artificial intelligence. Deep-Learning is becoming more and more accepting of solutions for problems businesses seem to face. But can LSTM machines supplement, augment or even replace the hired administration staff within a typical clinical environment? Another key trend across article-to-article are the collaborations between market sectors. Government, corporations, and physician wards are growing "diagnostic tools" to help detect onerous diseases and cancerous cells residing in patients. But if we are using AI to be the storefront for analysis based on medical images, can we use AI to break the mold on scheduling, admission, and customer service for patients across the United States? This is an open forum. Feel free to discuss and share your opinions below. <br> [1]: https://spencertechconsulting.com/media/search-bar.JPG [2]: https://spencertechconsulting.com/media/Link-Descriptions.JPG

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Akeem Spencer is the owner, manager, and architect behind Spencer Tech Consulting. You can catch him at @UUID_Akeem or find him on LinkedIn @ Akeem Spencer. My hobbies include running, active boxing training intervals such as Shaun T Insanity Workouts, and giving it the best I've got in 2018 onwards, with projects both virtual and physical.