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January 2017: A 2-Week Summary Jan. 15, 2017

Author: Akeem Spencer

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<br> <br> We are two weeks into the month of the new year and we are bracing ourselves for a transition of power within the judicial and legislative branches. The odds seem tantamount and very finite on what we spend our activities on. Funding is being assessed within hospitals across metropolitan cities and citizens are preparing their tax returns. Let's stop and take a moment to reflect my friends, we must remain vigilant in **everything** we've put our time and effort into. The year 2016 was a miraculous year. We've found breakthroughs in stem cell research, medicinal dependency and addiction for patients have dropped considerably, and renewable energy is beginning to understand the wind, solar, and hydro-generated power emissions and it's amazing implications for carbon reduction over time. Additionally, we've seen a precipitous drop in teenage pregnancies and drug use within the adolescent community. Yet, we still find ourselves focused on mass media news reporting and the sick regulation of how you the consumer should feel/empathize. We must be cognizant of the people we interact with and take into account what this person or organization's true intentions are, good or bad. We.. personally as well as organizationally need to ask ourselves (WIFM) "What's in it for me"? to find the value of our mission. <br> <br> ## **Cybersecurity** ---------- Some fortune 500 companies had a bad year for DDOS attacks and breaches, names I'm sure you've had transactions with and others that you have become aware of, which has led to disarray and fostered fear. For the sanctity of this blog and the fear of backlash I may receive, I've reserved my repudiation on a few of these companies. I remained cautious and optimistic that we can find a solution and that laws will be enacted to prevent data breaches. There is no mandate for you to take on any subscriptions. Is there an added sense of gloom if an account has been hacked? Depends on the attack and the information the hacker retrieved, but whose left responsible the most? **YOU**. You have the power to protect yourself, by making smart, informed decisions on the selection of products you'd like to purchase. If you work for a company that depends on advertisements and sponsorship for funding, most likely you are already aware of the role that you have in data security. The content manager has a credence to serve information in a responsible manner and regulate the user's password at all times, give the user password change notifications and alphanumeric suggestions for the user to select. The architects behind the application understand your intelligence and the team wouldn't sabotage your security or best interests by a long-shot. So what makes sense? We live in an age of attraction and bringing the best content for customers/browsers. So here are some tidbits we are already seeing implemented to respond to "fake" news being reported (whatever that means in verbosity) and tightened security. <br> <br> 1. **User Verification** Anyone can buy a domain and sell their content online, a 10-year old can do that. But social media companies are taking it a step further and creating _account verfication_ modules. If you're a user on YouTube, for instance, you'll usually see a check mark next to your name, indicating you spent a large amount of time posting material that does not violate youtube's publishing act. So your favorite viewer will have it. Now if a video with an account registrant **does not** have any check marks next to their names, you should watch the video with a bit of susceptibility if you don't happen to know the user. <br> The year 2017 should be a year of enforcement for added security measures in that regard, it only makes sense to be extremely meticulous for the content(s) that you browse. Subsequently, if you're following or involved in a thread online, be sure it's validated and coming from a legitimate source, otherwise, the trolls will be lurking and looking to make you a target if you share it with a wrong group of individuals and it becomes labeled as a spread of fake news. This idea does have tradeoffs to take into consideration.(NEEDS FURTHER EDITING) It's always important to focus on communities with a creative commons license. 2. **Ensure HTTPS & SSL encryption** If a domain site does not have a proper authentication, and you're doing credit card transaction from that hosted site, It is imperative for you to be observant of the URL browser exclamation icon. If you're using the chrome browser, click on the exclamation pointer to determine the cookies the site is using to create the awesome content generated on the front of your window screen. Be sure to take into consideration every site that you're searching and visiting. If it's long boot time, flying animations all over the screen, and 1999 windows flashing popups, then maybe you shouldn't give the site the authorization to know your location and access your private information. ## **Know Your Representatives** ---------- I'm able to go onto who are myrepresentatives.org and I'm able to find the following. 1. Charles E. Schumer [United States Senate] 2. Kirsten E. Gillibrand [United States Senate] 3. Andrew M. Cuomo [Governor] 4. Kathy Hochul [Lieutenant Governer] 5. Timothy Idoni [County Clerk] 6. Robert Astorino [County Executive] 7. James A. McCarty [District Attorney] 8. Eric T. Schneiderman [Attorney General] 9. Thomas P. DiNapoli [State Comptroller] 10. Frances Tursi [Commissioner of Jurors] 11. Reginald Lafayette [Elections Commissioner] 12. Douglas A. Colety [Elections Commissioner] 13. Belinda S. Miles [Westchester Community College President] With the clarity of who my elected officials are in the community, it gives me added comfort to see how my community is evolving day by day. How can I live in the USA and not have a comprehension of the constitutional rights one has? By having a partisanship approach to the officials within your bureau and feeling fully justified and understandable to what your tax is accounting for. Let's walk in MLK's footsteps and execute the dream we have within ourselves for a 100% success rate with an amazing throughput!

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