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Why Linear Mathematics May Be Necessary For Any Business Dec. 11, 2016

Author: Akeem Spencer

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Within my close group of friends, we used to challenge the idea of "never" using calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations on a regular basis. We never understood exactly how the technological boom would impact the way we conduct business 2011 forward. We use minimal and evasive tools to perform calculations for budgeting for the year, preparing our tax forms, or just guessing the amount of gratuity we should leave the waiters and waitresses for the meal. But in hindsight, should the average **civilian** have a high threshold for linear algebra and not just basic algebra and arithmetic? <br> <br> <br> When people prepare to fully comprehend computational analytics, some students become stumped at the idea of what linear algebra means. We have two paradigms when we think of linear algebra, the functional notations we see in outdated textbooks preserved in a clear wrapper overpriced at your local university (more on that issue in my next post) or do you see processes working in a contingency where the odds/stakes are LOW risk? We as a nation have to flip the script on how we represent our studies especially when it comes to higher maths. Graphs are exactly what they are, visible charts, but with today's technology graphs can become our strongest ally, and with that graph or diagram we can make gauged assessments on how functions operate. But linearity is a meta-abstract concept to fully dissect. Should charts and diagrams pair with concrete applications? They should at least. <br> <br> At Penn State the course I remember that closest aligned to linear algebra was a 2-hour /2-credit class called matrices. Matrices is an important concept that debugs matrix algebra and linear systems of differential equations i.e. multivariate problems. However, students like myself had a tough time understanding exactly how matricies coalign and work with each other. How do they solve the problems and instances we are binded by? ![MyMathLab][1] ###### What amazon is showing to customers [amazon textbook][2] How many people day-to-day struggle with payments, scheduling, parenting while at the same time thriving in a capitalistic market? One of the three issues grip and subjugate many professionals to derailments and like arithmetic, control and management are vital to successful growth as a business or entity at large. Margins begin to increase solely incumbent upon resources provided and how affiliated you are to the closest resource. Hmm, read that again. Margins begin to increase **soley incumbent upon resources provided**, we have decisions that affect the outcome of the situation or a desirable place we'd like to see accomplished. But with boundaries we have to find an **objective** solution to increase output and efficiency for our clients. <br> <br> So in combination with the tech-boom, everything co-insides with a proportionate amount of trust and stability and without trying to digress too much away from the subject, this is **Linear Programming** in nutshell (O-Reilly don't come after me). <br> So kickoff the year right and remember some questions for consideration if you're a business owner: 1. Are my decisions cost-effective? 2. Should I consolidate a solver? 3. What are the risks if applied? These items detailed above are profoundly important for the business role and acquisition model you wish to mirror. Server RAM and virtual cloud computing is becoming cheaper and cheaper and with that it's crucial to understand how an ERP system can regulate a system for you that's essential to perform well in 'real-time'. Thank you for reading my post! <br> <br> Akeem Spencer [1]: /media/window-to-apple-share/MyMathLab.JPG [2]: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0134040236/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=

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